Plane ticket refund, booking changes and refund terms

Plane ticket refund, booking changes, refund terms and conditions, such as flights cancellation by passengers, have been the most common questions of the past few weeks. The situation with the spread of Corona virus does not wane. Airlines are forced to cancel flights and restrict travel to high-risk areas. Many travelers also postpone their trips as they are concerned about their own health. In this sense it is important to note the fundamental right of passengers, which refers to Regulation 261/2004. This regulation emphasizes that in the case of an airline cancellation, no matter the cause of cancellation, passengers have the right to choose between a refund of the unused plane ticket and an alternative flight. Below you will find a list of airlines with all the information available.


For existing bookings (booked until April 19th) that have been canceled, the ticket and its value will remain unchanged. Furthermore, it may be re-booked for the same route on the new departure date until April 30th 2021. Also, booking changes can be realized until August 31st, 2020.
Flight cancellation and re-booking fees will not be charged, however, additional ticket costs will apply. Lufthansa is offering a 50 EUR discount on additional cost for a plane ticket. The ticket can also be changed for another destination.

More useful information, you can find on Lufthansa official website.


Croatia Airlines

For the plane tickets purchased until May 15th, for all domestic and international flights of Croatia Airline, the conditions apply as follows:

In case that the flight with the same fare (as indicated on the original ticket) is not available when changing the flight date, only the difference in price, up to the first available fare class, will be charged.

If an international flight, scheduled until October 25th 2020, is canceled or you wish to postpone the trip, you can change the travel date without charge. The new trip must be held within 365 days of issuing the original flight ticket.

Voucher refund, that can be exchanged for a new ticket within one year of issue. The amount of the voucher includes a ticket issue fee and is non-refundable. The voucher must be requested prior to the start of the originally planned trip.


Eurowings offers free changes for all new bookings made until March 31st (including the date specified). It also offers free booking changes for pre-booked flights flying until April 30th. In either case, the new booking date should be changed by May 31st, 2020, and the trip should be held until December 31st, 2020. Customers can re-book another route, but in this case, price differences may occur.

For canceled flights, Eurowings offers vouchers that you can request on their official site. Vouchers would be valid for one year from the date of the ticket issue.


Ryanair says that if you have an existing reservation in March and would prefer not to fly because of the current situation, you have the right to change your flight online and the airline will not charge flight change fee. The rule applies to all existing and new bookings until May 31st. The flight has to be changed by August 31, 2020. If there is a difference in the fare you will be obliged to pay it. If there were flights that had to be canceled, you will be able to change it free of charge, for one of the alternative flights or receive a refund.

Ryanair’s customer service is very busy these days, as passengers complain that their refund system is down.



EasyJet states that, if users are not allowed to travel from and to infected areas, during the crisis period from March 13th, they can change their flight ticket date without charge. In case there is a difference in the fare, the users are obliged to pay for it. EasyJet will contact affected all customers in concern with the above measure and asks for their patience.
For canceled flights, customers will be able to book an alternative flight for free or receive a plane ticket refund.

From March 24th onwards, EasyJet will land most of its aircrafts. Only a minimal number of flights will be in circulation, especially those essential ones. In the situation where flights are canceled, so-called rescue flights (where local authorities allow) will be organized to bring back passengers who need to travel home. You can find all the details of the rescue flights on EasyJet’s official website.

On March 30th, the BBC news says that easyJet is grounding entire aircraft due to the coronavirus situation, from April 1st. until further notice.

To this date, (March 30th, 2020) easyJet has performed 650 rescue flights, returning 45,000 passengers to their homes.

Turkish Airlines

The rights for all passengers having plane tickets for canceled flights to China during February and March are listed below:

  • For passengers who have tickets to China, for flights between January 31st, 2020 and April 1st, 2020, booking changes will be free of charge if the new flight booking is for the flight that will be held until May 31st, 2020.
  • A refund will be provided for all unused tickets.
  • For partially used tickets, if the journey is not completed, passengers will be provided with route changes depending on the possibilities or they will receive a refund for the plane ticket or for the unused part of the ticket.

In accordance with decisions taken by the authorities of the Republic of Turkey, to protect the health of the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19):

  • From March 27th, 2020, all international flights will be suspended until May 1, 2020
  • From April 3rd, 2020, all domestic flights will be suspended until April 20, 2020

If you have questions about any other flight, this company suggests you to contact their customer service where you will receive up-to-date and valid information.


Volotea has a statement warning passengers not to go to the airport in case of cancellation. They note that, all passengers directly affected by this situation will be notified by an email and SMS via the contact information provided on their reservation. On this occasion, they will be informed by e-mail about the options available to manage their reservation.

Here is the list of Volotea measures that allow passengers to reorganize:

  • All passengers (tickets issued through March 31) can change the date or destination of the flight without paying any additional flight change fees
  • If your flight is canceled and you decide not to change your travel dates now, you can receive a voucher for the full amount of your reservation. You can use it for 12 months to book a new flight.

KLM / Air France / Delta

Air France plane tickets issued before April 21st for flights scheduled before July 3rd may be postponded free of charge until June 30th 2021. for the same destination and in the same booking class. Customers can also change destination or cancel their point-of-sale trip in exchange for a one-year non-refundable loan on Air France and KLM flights.

If you decide to change your destination, you have the opportunity to fly with any of the group companies, such as: KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines or Virgin Atlantic.

Above listed airlines ask passengers not to come to the airport if their flight is not confirmed for departure.

Wizz Air

The Wizz Air website says: Passengers with reservations affected by coronavirus cancellations are notified as soon as possible and are offered a full refund for their plane tickets. Changing airline reservations to an alternate route is only possible if the airport has not been closed or shut down in that country. Customers who have booked directly on or through the airline’s mobile app, will receive an email notification. To these same customers, 120% of the original price will be automatically transferred to the customer’s WIZZ account in the form of a WIZZ credit, which can be used to purchase Wizz Air products and services for 24 months.

Travelers may also decide to get a refund, but this will take longer due to the large number of inquiries. Customers will be notified of the necessary steps to make a bank transfer or credit card transfer in a separate email. In this case, buyers will be entitled to 100% of the original price.

Qatar Airways

Quatar Airways advises travelers to book their plane tickets again at alternate dates or an alternative destinations. This applies only if you have booked flights for travel scheduled by September 30th, 2020. One of the options is also a voucher request to which the airline adds another 10% of the value of the original ticket price. And the last option is a full refund of the originaly purchased ticket. The airline warns that the written request should include the title: “Coronavirus Return Request”.

For the tickets outside this date or for travel to countries not covered by this policy, the regular fare rules apply for reserving or canceling.


Emirates states that refunds are made in accordance with their normal refund and cancellation regulations. Airline also emphasizes, when sending a refund request or changing the date of the airline ticket you should write the following: “Coronavirus Return Request”.

Customers can also request a voucher in the amount of the ticket purchased. Voucher is valid for 12 months from issue.

Emirates won’t charge the change fee for bookings made on March 31st for travel prior to May 31st. Reservations or route changes can be made until June 30th, 2020.

Emirates changed its plans of canceling passenger flights, for the third time in 12 hours. Following a government order from the UAE, the Dubai-based airline now says it will land all passenger flights starting Wednesday, March 25th, for two weeks, in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.


If you have tickets for flights that have been canceled due to the suspension of international air services, between March 15th and 28th, 2020, and if they were purchased before March 13th, 2020, there are several options for changing airline reservations or get plane ticket refund:

  • You can postpone your trips within three weeks, after March 29th, at no additional cost for new travel dates between March 29th and April 19th, 2020.
  • Get a voucher refund and exchange a ticket at one of the company’s offices.
  • Get a full refund for your tickets. If the ticket is returned before the scheduled departure date, it will be refunded in full. If a refund is requested after the scheduled flight date, only unused flight coupons will be refunded.
  • You can also change your ticket for a canceled flight to a completely different route of your choice.
  • If the new ticket is more expensive than previously purchased (e.g. short flight to London replaced by intercontinental flight to Tokyo), PLN 200 will be deducted from the allowance due.
  • You can book a new flight date until August 31, 2020, and use it within 12 months of the ticket you originally purchased

British Airways

British Airways also won’t charge flight change fees for bookings made between March 3rd and 31st. Reservations made before March 12th, for travel between March 1st and May 31st, 2020, can be booked again.
Also, bookings made between March 4th and March 31st may be re-booked between March 4th, 2020 and December 31st, 2020.

Ako je vaše putovanje planirano između 31. ožujka i 31. svibnja 2020., možete zatražiti vaučer za vrijednost vaše rezervacije. Vaučeri se mogu koristiti kao uplata ili djelomično plaćanje za buduću rezervaciju. Na putovanjima na letovima preuzetim u roku od 12 mjeseci od datuma polaska prvog leta u originalnoj rezervaciji morate iskoristiti vaučer, a novo putovanje (odlazak i povratak) mora biti u potpunosti završeno u tom roku. Vaučer ćete dobiti e-poštom u roku sedam dana vaše prijave.

For travelers who can not or may not wish to travel at this time, British Airways is offering vouchers for future trips. Vouchers are valid for up to one year, however, no refund is available if flights are not canceled.

British Airways


Vueling informs its passengers that they are also adjusting to the situation and that anyone who has a flight between March 13th and May 31st can change the flight date without paying a fee.

The ticket can be changed for any available flight on the same route, until March 27th, 2021. Only the difference in price is payable, if any.

Refund terms and reservation changes – airline recommendation

The cancellation of flights by airlines is caused by an emergency, all for the purpose of suppressing the spread of coronaviruses.

All airlines advised passengers to refrain from contacting customer service by phone, due to a long waiting time on the line. At the moment, they suggest, e-communication is the most effective way to communicate.

For any concerns or additional questions regarding other air traffic difficulties, please read more about passenger rights under Regulation 261/2004.

In addition, if you have experienced a delayed flight, cancellation or denied boarding in the last three years, regardless of this emergency, you could have a right to get a fixed compensation of up to EUR 600. Check the amount you could obtain by submitting a claim in just a few minutes.

The situation caused by the corona virus is an extraordinary circumstance, therefore, all flight cancellations caused by the corona virus mean that passengers are not entitled to compensation as prescribed by Regulation 261/2004. Airliens are excluded from liability in accordance with the Regulation 261 since the cancellation is caused by reasons beyond their influence.

We would like to note that the information provided for plane ticket refund terms and airline reservation changes has been updated at the date of writing of this article. We suggest you to check the airline’s website for additional information regarding your booking and possible changes.

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