How to get a refund for unused airline tickets?

How to get a refund for unused airline tickets? is a question for many passengers whose flights have been canceled in the last few months.

The corona virus situation we encounter on a daily basis greatly affects air traffic, and for air travelers things look quite confusing. Passenger rights following Regulation 261/2004 are the alpha and omega of business for us.

In the past few months, during this special situation, we have been paying special attention to your questions and very often clarifying your doubts regarding the air passengers rights. That is the main reason we have decided to explain in detail the steps of filing a claim for a refund of the total amount of the price for an unused air ticket due to the flight cancellation by the airline.

You can read all of the frequently asked questions in our previous blog Canceled Flights Covid 19 FAQ, and you can submit your complaint here.

cancelled flight

Due to the spread of the virus, border closures and various other restrictions in the midst of the pandemic, a large number of airlines have canceled flights around the world.

Many of you are still wondering what exactly you can claim from the airline in this situation. In most of the above cases of flight cancellation, you will not be able to claim compensation from the airline, but we want you to know that airlines are obliged to reimburse the full price of the ticket or offer an alternative flight to the destination whenever they cancel, even in case of COVID-19 pandemic . Also, many travelers are pressured to accept plane ticket vouchers instead of refunds, but it is important to know that you do not have to accept vouchers.

To summarize, the entire amount of the ticket price, the airline must refund to you if it does not offer an alternative flight and you accept it. Refund is your right, take advantage of it!

Filing a refund claim

Our Claimdon claim system is programmed to calculate compensation, not refunds, according to the rules of EU Regulation 261/2004.

* Compensation is an amount (from 250 to 600 EUR) depending on the length of the flight and the delay time to the final destination. It is realized in case of canceled flight, flight delay to the destination more than three hours or denial of boarding, in case where the reasons are related to the airline’s omissions (i.e., it was not an extraordinary circumstance beyond the airline’s control).

The refund is the total amount of the price of an unused airline ticket due to cancellation by the airline and does not depend on the reason for cancellation – you are always entitled to a refund when the airline cancels your flight!

Although, these are separate passenger rights, the assumptions are mostly the same and a refund complaint can also be submitted via the web form on our website. The result displayed on the page, just like the amount, refers to the amount of compensation that in most cases will not be possible as the cancellation happened due to a pandemic and imposed international restrictions.

In any case, you will have the right to get a refund of the entire amount of the unused plane ticket, so be sure to file a claim to the end.

However, due to the differences in the assumptions for compensation and refund, there is a possibility that when filing a claim, you will get a negative result as in the picture below. In such a situation, if the flight was canceled by the airline, you may be entitled to a refund of the price of the unused ticket. In that case, be sure to contact us at, to check if there is such a possibility and give you further instructions on how to file a claim.


What is the most common reason for a negative result when filing a claim?

You have choose the answer “More than 14 days” in the field “When you are notified of the flight cancellation?”.

The time when a passenger is notified of flight cancellation is one of the key assumptions when talking about compensation, however, it does not affect the refund for unused tickets in any way. According to the mentioned Regulation 261/2004, if the airline notifies the passenger about the cancellation of the flight at least 14 days before the booked flight, in that case the passenger will not be entitled to compensation. However, if you are not notified of the cancellation or the airline reports less than 14 days before the flight, there is a possibility that you will have a right for compensation.

As mentioned earlier, in the case of a flight cancellation due to a corona virus pandemic or any other reason, regardless of the time you are notified of the flight cancellation, passengers are entitled to a refund of the total ticket price. If the result turns out to be negative, and you want us to make a refund on your behalf, contact us at

Frequently asked questions about refunds for the amount of unused plane ticket:

  • 1. If I already accepted the voucher, can I still request a refund?

If the airline has offered you a voucher and you have already confirmed that you accept it, unfortunately, we will not be able to ask a refund for you. Certainly, if such a voucher is issued to you automatically, and you have not confirmed that you accept it, but have clearly informed the airline that you want a refund, we will be able to conduct the procedure for you. Contact us at

  • 2. If my flight is canceled in the midst of a pandemic due to travel restrictions, am I entitled to compensation?

Even if our system shows a positive result for compensation, according to the verification of the circumstances we perform after receiving the complaint, unfortunately, we will have to inform you that compensation is not possible, The reason for this is the fact that the travel restriction to / from certain countries is an extraordinary circumstance which is not under the airlines influence. In that situations airlines are excluded from the obligation to pay compensation under Regulation 261/2004. But remember, even then you are entitled to a refund for your unused ticket.

  • 3. If one of several flights on the same reservation is canceled, for which flights can I request a refund?

If one of several flights on the same reservation is canceled, you can request a refund for all unused flights.

  • 4. If several flights are canceled on the same reservation, do I have to file a complaint for each flight separately?

It is not necessary to submit separate complaints for several canceled flights on the same reservation. One complaint is enough for the first canceled flight of the reservation.

How to file a claim for a refund of the airline ticket amount for the canceled flight:

Before submitting a claim, to facilitate the process, prepare your original travel plan (reservations / airline tickets) in which you can find all the necessary information and fill out the Claimdon claim form in just a few steps.

All the steps for filing a compensation / refund complaint are listed in this video below:

We have prepared a set of frequently asked questions and offered answers to them so you can find in one place, in the blog FAQ: Covid-19 Canceled Flights and Passenger Rights

If you have any additional questions or concerns during filling a claim, please feel free to contact us at

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In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.