Flight Cancelled due to Weather? Here’s What To Do

Flight cancelled due to weather

If you had a flight cancelled due to weather and you don’t know what to do about it, you’re in the right place. There will be some good news and there will be some bad news, but as long as you’re up to date with your rights, you’re better off. Everything we discuss below is based in the EU Regulation 261 and you can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned. So let’s go!

What’s This Article About?

Firstly, you’re probably here because you had a flight cancelled due to weather which left a bad taste in your mouth. Secondly, if you had a flight cancelled for what ever reason, you most likely want to know the following. Why did it happen, can it unhappen and if not – what can be done about it to minimize your dissatisfaction. Did I miss a spot?

Well, if I did – you can always reach out to our specialists and sort out your further dilemmas. Until then, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the most common flight disruption reasons?
  • How to react in case of a flight cancelled due to weather?
  • What are your passengers rights in case of a flight cancelled due to weather?
  • How to realize your passengers rights?

What are the most common flight disruption reasons?

Here’s the hard truth! Although you just might be interested in finding who to blame, airlines don’t just cancel flights because they feel like it. Air travel business is a very complex line of work and a lot of factors influence operations running smoothly. Therefore, number one priority is always your own safety.

To give you a few examples, events that lead to flight disruptions are air traffic congestion, airport facilities inadequacies, bird-engine strikes, drone activity at the airport surroundings, airport staff strikes, poor weather conditions and so on. Evidently, all of these potentially represent moments when it is not safe to perform a flight, as long as they’re ongoing.

Recalling the EU Regulation 261, in its own way it refers to these events as extraordinary circumstances outside of airlines’ control. Thus, airlines often try hard to prove that they couldn’t have done anything about the events that caused the cancellations. If that’s the truth, then they are free from the obligation to pay the compensation to the passengers.

However, when you’re unsure of what really happened, feel free to submit a claim via our website. If you do so, we will do a background check for you and inform you of your rights. How in the world would we do that? Well, fortunately we have access to past flights data bases as well as previous weather forecasts. Both of these enable us to get to the bottom of the actual circumstances that led to your flight disruption.

How to react in case of a flight cancelled due to weather?

But let’s stay on topic and go back to the flight cancelled due to weather.

Flight cancelled due to weather

OK, you can have an important business meeting in another city, booked vacation hotel or prearranged tourist activities in Paris. However, would you really feel safe flying out in a weather like this? Probably not. Nevertheless, rain, lightning, heavy wind, snow and what not still don’t necessarily represent extraordinary circumstances.

What do I mean by that? It’s simple. Under EU Regulation 261 it is “meteorological conditions incompatible with the operation of the flight concerned” that represent extraordinary circumstances. In translation, it isn’t enough for there to be a little rain to justify the flight cancelled due to weather. Meaning, weather conditions need to be such that it is truly impossible, unsafe or simply unwise to operate the flight.

Where is the line, you wonder? Who is to say or judge if the forecast is favorable for flying? What I wonder, dear traveler, is – why not yourself?

Step By Step Guide!

First of all, check the departures and arrivals screens at the airport. This can tell you two things. Either all other flights are departing and arriving on time or they are also delayed or cancelled.

It is only logical to assume that, if the weather is not that great and not that terrible, while other flights are operating on schedule – there could be another reason, except weather conditions, that has caused your flight cancellation. Otherwise, you can always fill out the online claim form with your flight data and we will do the analysis for you. Additionally, always remember that in most of the EU countries it’s possible to claim for compensation for flights up to 3 years old. So check your email for old flight reservations!

Secondly, ask the airline staff to hand you the official document stating the cause of your flight disruption. These usually contain the note saying they do not represent the basis for any future claims but are still valuable. This is especially so when other flights operated on time.

Finally, if the airline hasn’t already arranged it, demand for rerouting or reimbursement of the ticket price + a return flight to the first point of departure. This is a choice and you can’t use both options. Furthermore, the airline has to enable it to you regardless of the cause of cancellation. Therefore, refund is in order if you arranged it yourself.

Last but not least, as you’re all detective-like, ask for complimentary food and refreshments while you’re waiting for rerouting. Moreover, in case you need to wait over night – ask for hotel accommodation and a ride to it and back to the airport. These rights arise from the EU Regulation 261 and you should not waste them.

Passengers rights in case of a flight cancelled due to weather?

In case of a flight cancellation in general, the EU Regulation 261 grants passengers several rights.

  • Right to compensation for time loss ( €250 – €600),
  • Option to choose between rerouting and reimbursement of the ticket cost (including a free of charge flight back to the first point of departure),
  • Right to care (meals, refreshments, phone calls, hotel accommodation, transportation between the airport and a hotel).

However, there a certain conditions!

If you’re wondering about the amount of compensation you can receive, certain conditions apply here as well. Check them out bellow:

  • €250 for all flights of 1,500 km or less,
  • €400 for all flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km
  • €600 for all flights of more than 3,500 km

Let me guess! You’re unsure about your flight distance and the amount you can receive? No worries, there is an easy way to find out. Just fill in your flight data in the compensation calculator and figure out the amount you can get in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, in case of a flight cancelled due to weather, just remember the “to do list” we discussed earlier. Most importantly, remember that bad weather falls under extraordinary circumstances only if it was objectively impossible, unsafe or unwise to operate the given flight.

Lastly, the choice between rerouting and reimbursement of the ticket cost and the airline assistance do not depend on the cause of flight cancellation. These simply represent the helping tools that the airline has to secure to their passengers in the event of the original travel plans disruption.

How to realize your passenger rights?

Finally, the tricky part! Although airlines tend to avoid flight disruptions whenever they can, they also tend to avoid their responsibility whenever disruptions occur. This is especially so in case of a flight cancelled due to weather. Then the airline has a clear path to blame it on something outside of their control.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should give up on the benefits belonging to you by law! With regards to the right to choose between rerouting and reimbursement of the ticket cost, as well as the right to care, just make sure to insist on these on the spot.

When it comes to compensation, if you already contacted the airline yourself and they denied your request due to alleged extraordinary circumstances, forward your case to us. We have access to tools which provide us with the past airport traffic and weather forecast data and we use them to understand what really happened. Think of it as a way to see in the dark and to resist the airlines’ excuses when they do not reflect the truth.

With that being said, dear traveler, it is only left to wish you a BON VOYAGE! 😉

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In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.