Cancelled flight British Airways: 2019 Major IT Problems

British Airways Compensation

After system failure in 2017, BA faced IT troubles again on 7th August 2019. Consequently, for many passengers this once more meant delayed or cancelled flight – British Airways compensation thus might be in order for thousands of affected travelers. Read further to learn more about your rights.

Cancelled Flight British Airways: What happened?

On Wednesday 7th August 2019 British Airways suffered what’s seems to be becoming a “traditional” IT system failure. There were problems with checking in, flight departure systems and BA’s own app. Result: hundreds of delayed and cancelled flights and thousands of passengers with ruined trips.

Opposed to the global British Airways IT problems in 2017, this time London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport got it worst. Also, on this occasion the airline was quicker to make a public apology announcement. In addition, BA offered assurance that they are taking care of the issue. Nevertheless, a lot of passengers suffered the damage either way. However, the airline promised reroutings and refunds. Thus, we find this a notable indicator that the British Airways compensation is in place as well.

Furthermore, although British Airways operational issues were focused on Heathrow and Gatwick airports, passengers traveled to many other different destinations. Consequence? Passengers were equally affected on BA’s flights departing to or arriving from:

  • Zagreb Franjo Tudman Airport,
  • Milan Malpensa Airport,
  • Barcelona El Prat International Airport,
  • Václav Havel Airport Prague,
  • Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport,
  • Athens International Airport,
  • Lisbon Portela Airport,
  • Frankfurt International Airport,
  • Warsaw Chopin Airport,
  • Split Airport,
  • Vienna International Airport ,
  • And many more.

Therefore, if you had a bad last week British Airways experience, you need to be aware of your rights:

Am I entitled to a British Airways Compensation?

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004 passengers in air travel are entitled to compensation when:

  • their flights were delayed at arrival for longer than 3 hours,
  • the delay was not caused by extraordinary circumstances.

If you’re in doubt whether this event was airline’s fault, we’ve already discussed extraordinary circumstances in detail here. However, according to the currently available information, the latest British Airways IT problems were under their control. Thereafter, we encourage you to submit your British Airways compensation claim. Why? Because you stand to get up to €600, depending on the flight distance and time of delay.

On the other hand, if you had a British Airways cancelled flight, there is room for compensation unless they informed you about it:

  • At least two weeks ahead of your scheduled departure,
  • Between two weeks and seven days ahead of your scheduled departure. Extra conditions: that via rerouting you were allowed to depart less than 2 hours before and arrive less than 4 hours after the original schedule,
  • Less than seven days ahead of scheduled departure (which here most likely was the case). Extra conditions: that via rerouting you were allowed to depart less than 1 hour before and arrive less than 2 hours after the original schedule.

Nevertheless, you can expect that the airline will deny their responsibility and attempt to avoid payouts. Accordingly, all of you aiming to fight for your rights yourself, don’t forget to bring along patience and persistence. If, however, you feel like letting Claimdon do it for you, you are more than welcome. Why? Well, because we are:

Therefore, feel free to get in touch and ask questions or simply submit your British Airways compensation clam straight away. We only need a couple of flight details and you’re good to go.

Right to care: British Airways Obligations during Waiting Time?

British Airways IT problems

For many of you – British Airways IT problems meant either a total wreckage of your plans or an indefinite flight delay. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the above discussed right to compensation is a right separate from the right to care. What this essentially means is that even in cases when you are not entitled to compensation, the airline must provide you with assistance during your disruption and not let you handle the horror yourself.

Accordingly, if your British Airlines flight has been delayed for longer than 2 hours, you are entitled to meals and refreshments during and proportionally to your waiting time. So better make sure to demand for vouchers with the airline staff. Otherwise, if you spent your own money on these, save the receipts. Then on your behalf we can also demand for the reimbursement of the additional costs that you’ve incurred. However, although you may feel like it’s in order, no lobsters and champagne for dinner please. These are just over the top.

Furthermore, if your flight was postponed or you were arranged with rerouting at least the day after – you are also entitled to an over night accommodation and transportation to it and back to the airport. The same goes here regarding the receipts if you’ve handled the situation yourself.

The Choice: Flight Ticket Reimbursement or Rerouting?

This choice is due in case of a flight delay longer than 5 hours or a full flight cancellation. This seems to be exactly what happened in many cases during the latest British Airways system issues. Therefore, it is just about what the airline should have offered you. Basically, it comes down to either opting for:

  • a full flight ticket refund (and a return flight to the first point of departure in case of being stuck in between connection flights), or
  • rerouting at the earliest opportunity or a later date at the passenger’s convenience.

As mentioned earlier, the airline already promised these, therefore, in this department you should be in the safe zone. However, keep in mind that these rights are once again separate from the airline’s compensation obligation. Also, they are not dependent on the cause of disruption. Thus, if the airline already refunded or rerouted you, don’t forget to claim for your British Airways compensation.

Summary: BA’s System Failure and Passengers Rights

To wrap things up – British Airways seems to be on a “loosing streak”. This is a second system failure that the company has faced in the last 2 years. The outcome? Hundreds of cancelled and delayed flights as well as thousands of affected passengers. What to do? If you’re facing dilemmas regarding your rights, go back to the beginning of this article and read on carefully. Otherwise, get in touch with us or directly claim for a British Airways compensation. You are looking at wining up to €600!

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In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.