British Airways IT system crash-down – Thousands of customers left with ruined holidays

Frequent flier or not, Saturday’s mess with all the British Airways flights at Heathrow and Gatwick London airports being canceled, as well as many of their passengers around the world (Rome, Cagliari, Prague, Malaga, Lisbon) being stuck on their planes without taking off, most probably did not escape your attention.

Huge British Airways IT system crash-down (or even a cyber-attack, which they denied) disabled the airline from functioning normally. For a lot of passengers it resulted in not reaching their destinations for days and consequently with high unexpected expenses.

We feel it is our duty to point out to the whole event. There was no promptness by Britsh Airways in solving the issue, no taking all the necessary preventive measures and no guiding passengers through the agony. People were stuck for hours in long queues and on motionless airplanes, forced to pay for food and drinks, bunch of them spend a night on airport benches, hundreds of bags were left unattended in open spaces, check in machines were out of service, official website and app were not working, and the worst part, for most of the day there were no information regarding the whole mess whatsoever. As British Airways IT system crash-down was unfolding, many of the stranded passengers throughout the world were raging on social networks.

Eventually airline officially apologized for the caused inconvenience and stated they were working on resolving the situation. Chief executive Alex Cruz said that British Airways IT system crash-down affected all check-in and operational functions. He added that the root problem was a power supply issue and there were no evidence of a cyber-attack. Customers were promised compensation for meals, refreshments, hotels and transport to and from their accommodation in case of overnight stay. Yet, even a day after no one from the airline was available to answer questions about the IT crash-down. Not to mention, explaination of why there was no back-up plan still remains the question. Most noteworthy, it would have only been fair that the reaction from British Airways came in sooner.

“Just imagine being left with no information on how the situation is being handled or when to expect its termination“

On a regular day there are hundreds of flights operated by British Airways on two mentioned airports. Hence, it is not hard to imagine how many ruined plans is that in a single day. We are very sorry for all of you that experienced this chaos on your own skin. Many were justifiably furious. Just imagine being left with no information on how the situation is being handled or when to expect its termination. Because of being left in the dark by the staff, numerous inquiries about reimbursement are no surprise.

Your flight wasn’t on time? Time is money!

If you were flying from:

  • EU to EU
  • EU outside of EU
  • Outside of EU to EU (if the operating airline was a Community carrier

and your flight was canceled, you can choose between one of the following rights:

  1. Reimbursement of the full cost of the ticket
  2. Return flight to the first point of departure at the earliest opportunity
  3. Rerouting to the final destination under comparable transport conditions at the earliest opportunity

If aforementioned lead to a change of airports, the operating airline is to take care of transfer costs. You are also entitled to:

  1. Free meals and drinks during waiting time
  2. Two phone calls, fax messages or emails free of charge

If there was a reroute scheduled at least one day after planned time of departure, you are entitled to:

  1. Hotel accommodation
  2. Transport between airport and place of accommodation

Your final right is a compensation of up to 600 EUR. Airline liability here is excluded if they informed you about cancellation in advance or what caused it are extraordinary circumstances.

Finally, our last suggestion. Do not accept any forms of vouchers or miles which purpose is to be used when buying tickets. This might result in your right for a reimbursement later being denied.

To conclude, there must not be a single traveler out there that wouldn’t mind being in your shoes right now. We don’t share their attitude. Both of our feet are volunteering to step in your shoes immediately. We know hot to help you to get rid of those blisters caused by your delayed or canceled flights. Visit and in less than three minutes find out what WERE you and what ARE you entitled for!

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In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.