Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible flights

Your website says I’m not entitled to compensation. What should i do?

Unfortunately, that means that the basic requirements according to the current legislation are not satisfied. Therefore, you are not entitled to compensation.

Can I claim if I have missed my connecting flight?

If you missed your connecting flight because of the prior flight issues, you may be entitled to compensation if you arrive at final destination 3 or more hours later than scheduled.

However, the best way to check if your flight qualify for compensation is to file a claim with us.

If my delay was less than 3 hours, am I still eligible for compensation?

You can claim in case your flight departs with a delay of less than 3 hours but arrive to final destination more than 3 hours later than scheduled. For example, if you miss your connecting flight due to a delay, you are likely to arrive at your final destination with a total delay of more than three hours. If that is the case, you may be entitled to compensation!

*Please note that your flight must be under the same booking reference. Separate flights purchased with different airlines cannot qualify for compensation.


My flight was cancelled and my ticket was refunded, can i still get the compensation?

According to EU 261/2004, air passengers have a right to compensation of up to €600 per passenger – in addition to a refund of the original flight if your flight was to of from Europe. That means you can still file a claim for compensation if you’ve been refunded for your flight.

If your cancelled flight was not to or from Europe, or if you were informed of the cancellation more than two weeks before scheduled date of departure, you are not entitled to further compensation. In this case, filing a claim for compensation is not likely to work.

What if i can’t find my airline, airport or i have some other issues with claim?

It is important that you have your booking reference and your flight number on any document related to flight as an evidence that you were a passenger on a flight that we will get your compensation for. All the other information we can obtain for you.

If you have a problem that disables you to file a Claim with us, do not hesitate to contact us via email

How long does it take?

This process could last for a while, depending on the airline concerned and the circumstances of your case. Average time is about 3 months but in case we have to take the airline to the court that time could prolong.

How do i submit a claim to claimdon?

Just click on a Claim button and in a few minutes fill up our form. We will ask you to give us only necessary information regarding your flight, after that all the work is on us. In any time, you can contact us via email if you need our assistance.

We look forward to work for you.


What is your fee in case of lawsuit?

Our fee remains the same even if we start the Court proceeding. You will be charged 25% of your compensation if we successfully finish this process, otherwise, it won’t cost you at all.

Are there any extra costs in case of legal action?

Legal action can result in enormous costs and that is one of the reasons why airlines think they can get away with not paying compensation. However, if you decide to claim with us we will take them to court if necessary and pay all the extra costs for you, including court fees and attorney’s fee – regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit.

What if the airlines reject the claim without reason?

In a case airlines reject a claim without a reason we will take further steps to make them pay you what you are entitled to. Firstly, we will hand the claim to our contract lawyer for legal assessment and then contact National Enforcement Body and/or take the airline to court.

Previous delays

Is compesantion amout the same regardless of how far in past disruption occured?

Compensation is the same regardless how far in past the disrupted flight happened.

Can I claim for flight that happened few years ago?

There is still a chance you are entitled to compensation. Especially if your flight is not more than 3 years old.

Additional expense

What if i don’t have receipt for my additional expenses?

It is not likely that you can get reimbursement of your expenses if you do not have a receipt.

What if airline didn’t provide me with accommomcation, food, phone and transfer?

If an airline takes care of you while you were waiting for your new flight they fulfilled their obligation. Still, in some cases you may be entitled for compensation. Best way to find out if you have that right is to claim with us, it will take you just a few minutes.

What if my flight was cancelled and the next one is tomorrow?

If the disruption of the flight resulted in your overnight stay airlines must pay your accommodation, meals and refreshment as well as the transportation to and from the airport to accommodation. In case you were not provided with aforementioned you can submit a claim with us and send us receipt for expenses you had so we can get your money back. this right does not depend on the reason of the delay, cancelation or denied boarding.


What do i need to pay for your service if my claim is not successful or eligible?

Claimdon is a “no win, no fee” service which means that you take no risk while claiming with us. Our service is completely free in case you do not get your money back from the airline. In case we do get your money back we will take our percentage as a fee for our service as set out in a Price List.


Can i choose a charity organization that will get the donation?

At the last part of Claim we will give you a list of organizations so you can pick out the one you want to get our donation.

Does this mean that i am donating my money?

No, we are not taking your money to donate. In case we get you compensation we will get our fee as set out in the Price list. Part of our fee will be donated to a charity organization of your choice.

In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.