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Claimdon is your best friend when flights get disrupted.
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In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€ compensation.

Simple, quick & risk–free

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It takes just few minutes to complete a claim and explain to us what happened with your flight.

We will do all the work

You can relax and enjoy your free time while we proceed with your claim and fight for your compensation.

We will go all the way

If the airline tries to get away with the payment you are entitled to, we will take them to the court without additional costs for you.

Giving back to community

After we help you, we will help those in need by giving 5% of our fee to a charity of your choice.

Here’s why you should use Claimdon

Your compesation

In case of a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you can receive up to 600€. We know your rights and how to fight for them.

Additional expenses

If your flight issues led to additional expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food or other, we can try to get reimbursement for you as well.

No win, no fee

Only in case your compensation is successfully obtained we will take our 25% fee, otherwise it won’t cost at all.

Donation to charity

By using Claimdon you are becoming a partner of the first organisation in the world who is helping others by helping you.

Free money transfer

As our courtesy, fees of sending money to our Clients via TransferGo or Skrill will be covered by Claimdon.

Previous delays

We can claim for your refund even if the delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight happened few years ago. For more info click here

Donating to ones in need

Let’s do it

We are a company devoted to helping air passengers get what they deserve in case of flight disruption. We are also a group of individuals aware of a social issues nowadays. Therefore, we decided to donate 5% of our fee to some of the most influential charity organisations in the world. We may not change the world but we will keep trying to make it a better place!

You decide where our money goes!

Claimdon works on a unique principle of helping passengers to get the compensation they are entitled to by EU law, and simultaneously helping others in need by giving 5% of our fee. By using our services you will also help us increase our funding to an organisation of your choice. We like to call it a self-sustainable funding system. Helping others by helping you is our vision.

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